Lifeguard Training

The American Red Cross Blended LIFEGUARD course will prepare participants to make appropriate decisions about the care to provide during an aquatic emergency and medical emergency. Participants will leave the course with the knowledge and skills to prevent, recognize, and respond to aquatic emergencies and to provide care for breathing and cardiac emergencies, injuries, and sudden illnesses until emergency medical services arrive.

Lifeguard Class Dates


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Class Session Dates:

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*All participants must complete the following prerequisites prior to the course.

Swim Requirements:

  • 15 years of age or older
  • 300-yard continuous swim using the front crawl, breaststroke or a combination of both.
  • 2 minutes of treading water with hands in your armpits without stopping.
  • Within 1 minute and 40 seconds swim 20 yards, retrieve a brick at a depth of 12 feet and then swim 20 yards back to the starting point while both hands are on the brick and face is above water. Exit the pool without using ladder or stairs.

Online Course Requirements:

  • All participants must complete the entire online course before the first day of class instruction and bring their completion print out to the class. Instructions on how to access the online material will be emailed to you one week prior to the start of your class.