COVID-19 Update

As of Monday, June 1 the LJCC is open to members. Members will need to sign up for time slots to workout or go to the pool. Note: the outdoor pool is reserved for J-Elite members only! To sign up to come to the J visit our reopening page.


At Home Activities

We hope you are staying safe and healthy at home, but we know the cabin fever may be settling in. We have come up with some activities to help you stay busy all day long.

At-home activties for the whole family

If you are able to get to the store try out some Jewish and Israeli themed recipes!

At the LJCC we love our seniors! They keep us moving and active each day. Some of the things our seniors love are knitting, and playing Mah Jongg. We have provided links here to those activities. When we re-open we hope to see you as part of the Circle of Life Knitting Club!

*Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and join the Group Fitness Group for updates!

Time to catch up on Jewish and Israeli themed shows! Here are some suggestions.

  • One of us, Netflix
  • Red Trees, Netflix
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Amazon
  • When Heroes fly, Netflix
  • Forever Pure, Amazon
  • Maktub, Netflix
  • The Angel, Netflix
  • The Resistance Banker, Netflix
  • Operation Finale, Netflix
  • Shtisel, Netflix
  • Our Boys, HBO
  • Fuada, Netflix
  • In Treatment, Amazaon Hulu, HBO
  • Red Sea Diving Resort, Netflix
  • Schitt’s Creek, Netflix
  • The Devil Next Door, Ntflix

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