Browse this menu while you wait in line and pay for your choices at the ticket table. Then proceed to the food tent to pick up your delicious meal(s).

This page will not be updated during the event. Our apologies if we happen to run out of a favorite item before you get to the ticket table.


The sampler $27

Braised brisket, whitefish salad, one stuffed cabbage roll, matzah ball soup, a savory potato-filled bureka, and sweet noodle kugel

Brisket $21

Braised brisket baked in a sweet and savory tomato sauce, served with Israeli salad and sweet noodle kugel

Stuffed cabbage roll $21

Cabbage leaves stuffed with ground beef in a sweet and sour tomato sauce, served with couscous and Israeli salad

Pomegranate-walnut chicken $21

New to our menu this year, this Sephardic-themed chicken is stewed in a pomegranete sauce with spices and walnuts, served with rice and Israeli salad

Smoked whitefish salad $18

Smoked whitefish salad served with a bagel, Israeli salad, and sweet noodle kugel

Falafel (vegetarian) $18

Deep-fried balls made from chickpeas and spices, served with pita bread, Israeli salad, and hummus on the side

Corned beef sandwich $18

Sliced cured corned beef piled high on rye, served with Israeli salad, chips, and a pickle spear


Hot dog plate $10

Kosher beef hot dog served in a bun with chips and a watermelon slice


Matzah ball soup $6

Chicken soup made with carrots, celery, and matzah ball dumplings

Potato bureka $6

Three flaky pastries stuffed with a savory potato filling

Apricot noodle kugel $6

Baked sweet noodle dish flavored with apricot jam

Pickle $1

Jewish-style dill pickle


Black and white cookie $5

Cake-like cookie featuring white frosting on one half and chocolate on the other

Mandelbrot $5

Jewish version of almond biscotti

Chocolate babka (slice) $3

Sweet bread laced throughout with chocolate


Challah (plain) $7

Traditional braided bread for Shabbat and holidays

Challah (sweet) $9

Traditional braided bread for Shabbat and holidays

Babka (cinnamon) $12

Sweet bread laced throughout with cinnamon sugar


Bottled water $2

Dr. Brown’s Cream Soda $3

Dr. Brown’s Cherry Soda $3

Coca Cola $2

Diet Coke $2

Sprite $2

Beer $8

Wine $8