Indoor pool is open, but currently unheated



A kind in shtub, ful in alleh vinkelech.

With a child in the house, all corners are full.

Your LJCC membership provides a safe, nurturing, and fun space for your child while you take on cardio, swimming, weights, or enrichment programs. We strive to make coming to The J something kids will look forward to and enjoy. As with all LJCC programs we are dedicated to fostering a sense of kehillah, or community.


  • Daily 8 a.m.-noon
  • Plus Mondays-Thursdays 4-7 p.m.


  • Parents must sign their child in and leave a phone number in case of emergency.
  • No one is allowed in J-Care when it is not open.
  • There is a two-hour time limit for J-Care services.
  • Parents are asked not to bring their children in when they are showing signs of illness that may be contagious, or if they are too ill to play. 
  • Parents must stay on the LJCC property after dropping off their children.
  • Please bring any items your child may need, such as diapers or a kosher snack.

Direct your questions to Senior Director of Youth Services and Early Education Barbara Traweek.