Jewish Food and Culture Fest 2023

The Jewish Food and Culture Fest is one of B’ham’s favorite outdoor food events. In fact, last year’s event was declared “the best one-day event the Jewish community has put on in Birmingham. Ever.” Plan now to attend… but be patient because it will take us weeks to prepare all of your favorite foods from recipes that have been passed down for generations: sweet and savory braised brisket, falafel, giant corned beef sandwiches, pickles, babka, pomegranate walnut chicken (new this year!), tender stuffed cabbage rolls, rugelach, challah, sweet noodle kugel casserole, Israeli salad, couscous, savory potato burekas, matzah ball soup, and mandelbrot.

Then when we’re ready, all you have to do is show up, eat, and enjoy.

75 years of independence

During the Food Festival we’ll also celebrate the 75th Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Israeli Independence Day). As part of the celebration, a new addition to this year’s event will be a recreation of an open-air Israeli shuk, or market.

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Our highly anticipated event fosters an appreciation for Jewish culture and traditions, as well as a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the State of Israel. The festival brings together the Jewish and broader communities to great effect as some 2,000 Jews and non-Jews from across Birmingham gather to enjoy a fun-filled delicious day of great food and entertainment for all ages.

Meet this year’s Jewish Food and Culture Fest sponsors:

Mazel Tov level: $2,500

Mitzvah level: $1,800

Scenes from previous events