LJCC Swim Club (year-round)

Welcome to the LJCC ‘Barracudas’ Aquatics Club. We’re excited that your swimmers want to be part of our team, and Coach Billy is excited to bring his more than 15 years of coaching experience to bear on the season.

Registration and fees


  • Summer Swim Club: $235 LJCC members, $310 non-members
  • Summer Swim and Dive Club Combo: $305 LJCC members, $380 non-members
  • Summer Dive Club: $210 LJCC members, $270 non-members

Costs are $190 for LJCC members and $250 for non-members (scholarships are available).

Send a note to aquatics@bhamjcc.org if you need help with registration.

Swim training groups

We will break swim practice into three different ability levels (white, green, and black) as we focus on teaching individual medley stroke refinement (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly). We will compete against other pool clubs in our community while doing our best to beat our individual best times.


  • Requirements: Must complete 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke, and be able to do breaststroke and butterfly for a short distance.
  • Skills taught: Streamline, proper head and body position, proper kick and pull patterns for all four strokes, plus starts and turns.


  • Requirements: Must be able to complete a legal 100 IM and 100 freestyle.
  • Skills taught: Proper head and body position, proper technique for each stroke, continue technique development for starts and turns, introduction to swim intervals.


  • Requirements: Proficiency in all four strokes, starts, and turns. Basic understanding of interval training, along with the ability to do 10x 100 free in 1:40.
  • Skills taught: Continue technique development for all strokes, turns, and dives. Continue interval training and intro into race strategy, aerobic and anaerobic training implemented.

Practice information

Practice points

  • Swimmers must wear appropriate swimming attire (no board shorts or two-pieces).
  • Goggles and a towel are required. 
  • Swimmers with long hair must have hair pulled back with a swim cap. 
  • Swimmers cannot swim in the pool before practice.
  • Swimmers must be suited and on deck on time for practice and ready to swim. We need to use every second of our limited time.
  • Good behavior is expected from swimmers during practice. Swimmers are watched and evaluated on the characteristics of respect, responsibility, honesty, and caring. It is important for swimmers to maintain these characteristics throughout the year during practice and at swim meets. Coaches have the authority to remove disruptive swimmers.

After practice

Swimmers will exit the pool and gather their items in a timely manner. Parents, please be on time to pick up your swimmer. If you need to speak with a coach, then we can set up a time after or before practice. Parents can be on deck, but must remain away from the coaches and swimmers. Please stay behind the fence closest to the locker rooms (this is a USA swimming rule as per USA Swimming insurance).


Coaches are happy to speak with parents. If parents need to speak with a coach, please email or text first in order to find a time that works for everyone involved.

  • Coaches will use WhatsApp for quick announcements and communication. Parents are encouraged to download the app and join the swim team group. 
  • Emails can be sent to Coach Billy at aquatics@bhamjcc.org. He will also send out weekly team announcements via email.  

Meet Coach Greene

In his role as aquatics director, Coach Billy Greene brings more than 15 years of experience to The J.

Coach Billy Greene began competitive swimming at age 7. Watching talented swimmers in the East Lake Pool sparked his competitive nature and saw him setting goals to improve his freestyle and breaststroke. Eventually he was recruited to join the Birmingham Parks and Recreation year-round swim team, where he rose to the No. 2 overall swimmer in the city.

Billy returned to the 300-member East Lake team and swam with them to championships in 2004, 2005, and 2006.

“I want to remove the stereotypical mindset that children cannot achieve a skill unless they are of higher economic status,” Billy says. “My hope is to open doors for my swimmers by teaching them that they can become lifeguards, personal trainers, or any other career that they aspire to. To see children grow into their potential and complete their goals is a fulfilling accomplishment.” He knows he’s done his job when he sees kids passing on their skills and encouraging others.

Billy is a Red Cross-certified lifeguard and lifesaving instructor at The J.