Keep competitive with corporate wellness

Companies of all sizes today are struggling to attract and retain employees, prompting some employers to seek perks that might give them an edge in the current competitive hiring environment. 

As always, the Levite Jewish Community Center is here to help. “It’s hard to think of a better venue than The J for a company that wants to foster employee wellness,” says Membership Director Cody Bass. “We’ve got the pools, a great fitness floor, a large gym, an auditorium, a devoted staff, plenty of parking, and lots more,” he says. 

Not forgetting the fun factor

(L-R) Will Hopkins, William Graves, and Logan Dyer of Blackbox Logistics got a corporate wellness membership at The J because they “strongly believe that an opportunity to foster a sound mind and body should be offered as a benefit to our staff.”

Not far from The J, Logan Dyer, William Graves, and Will Hopkins have turned their young company, Blackbox Logistics, into a great workplace for their employees as they connect motor carriers and shippers. “Our office is high-energy, fast-paced, and hard working,” Logan says.

But with their youthful staff spending most work days behind desks, “We never forget that good old-fashioned fun shouldn’t be sacrificed in the name of perpetual productivity.” So Logan, a devoted J member (as are his girlfriend and Will), approached The J with an idea. What if Blackbox were to become a corporate member, with a wellness plan that positively affects all of its employees?

“We love The J’s facilities, and with our office located so close, it was a no-brainer to reach out,” Logan says. “We strongly believe that an opportunity to foster a sound mind and body should be offered as a benefit to our staff” — a staff whose desk-bound office environment could make anyone prone to a little weight gain and lethargy.

With plenty of customizable options for corporate memberships, Cody worked with Blackbox to develop the perfect plan.

Top value

Blackbox’s membership includes 35 discounted memberships (plus the option for more), waived enrollment fees, pickleball and pool parties, and use of the facilities for additional gatherings. And as a special bonus, Cody or another member of the training staff will visit BBL’s office each month to field health and wellness questions from employees. “So even if an employee isn’t able to use their new J membership as often as they might want, we’ll still come to them to offer at least some level of wellness programming,” Cody explains.

But attracting BBL employees to The J probably won’t be an issue. “Who doesn’t love a pool?!” quips Logan.

With 35 discounted memberships, waived enrollment fees, pickleball and pool parties, and more, Blackbox’s corporate wellness membership adds up to significant savings while benefiting all of its employees (most of whom are seen here).