You won’t believe these five camp highlights!

While the petting zoo was a definite highlight for many of this week’s campers, it was just one of many great memories from the first few weeks of camp.

Camp LJCC is off to a great start this year. The kids arrive looking fresh (mostly!) in the morning, and we do our best to have them pretty much worn out once pick-up time rolls around.

Five elements have stood out in the first few weeks of camp: the “All-Team” pick-ups and drop-offs that include The J’s management team greeting campers and sending them home daily, the Artscope specialty camp, the Israeli element run by our shinshinim, our ginormous pool inflatables, and the petting zoo.

‘All-Team’ pick-ups and drop-offs

Who are those smiling faces greeting you in the morning for camp drop-off and wishing you a good evening at pick-up? It’s our entire LJCC management team engaged in helping to make sure our campers and families know how much we appreciate them. On any given day you can have a chat with the head of HR, wellness, or membership. Super-lucky campers might even catch a glimpse of Executive Director Brooke! 

“It’s my favorite time of day,” says Program Director Elizabeth Patton. “To be able to share the excitement of another day at camp with my colleagues, parents, and campers is even better than coffee.”


Twenty campers are enjoying the Artscope class with Jill Marlar. Jill teaches her campers about famous artists before giving them the opportunity to create mixed-media art on their own. “Each student explored with materials like watercolors, collage pieces, and oil pastels,” Jill says. “And their favorite activity was making stuffed animal creatures from tube socks.”

All about Israel

“This week we continued our journey on the Israeli trail and visited the city of Haifa,” say visiting shinshinim emissaries Zohar Shemesh and Ma’ayan Elisha. The duo taught kids about the city’s geography, research industry, and importance as a port that handles some 20 million tons of cargo annually. They also discussed the different cultures in Haifa and the city’s crown jewel, the beautiful Bah’ai Gardens. Campers also learned about the importance of hamsa, which means five in Arabic.


With all the pool time that most of our campers get, our uniquely ginormous pool inflatables continue to be a highlight. So how big are they really? “This big,” demonstrated one 1st-grader to another while spreading his arms as wide as they would go.

Don’t let the climbing, sliding, and splashing ever stop!

Petting zoo

“We had such a wonderful time at the petting zoo!” says Camp Director Gillian May. Campers got to see and pet cow calves, goats, a young camel, sheep, a tortoise, and even a wallaby. “We had such a fun time getting to pet and feed them, with some campers even getting to help bottle-feed the calves. The camel also enjoyed being fed by the campers.”

Now watch our video that includes some of this week’s camp highlights.