‘The unremitting power of a single voice’

A woman holds a book at a podium while a screen behind her projects the image of her great grandfather. Audience members are seated in the foreground.
Ukrainian-American Jewish poet Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach read her poetry and discussed Ukrainian history at The J in May.

“It was an evening of poetry, purpose, passion and pain — and the unremitting power of a single voice,” writes Richard Friedman in Southern Jewish Life about a recent poetry reading at The J.

“Most of all, it brought those there into a deeper understanding of the brutal tragedy that has befallen the people of Ukraine.

“Declaring ‘Everyone in this room is now a poet,’ Jewish poet Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach — who, with her family, left Ukraine for the U.S. in 1993, at age six — pierced the hearts of her listeners and probed their minds; discomforting them at times, while affirming one more way they could align themselves with her besieged country of birth.”

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