Sunday’s Annual Membership Meeting to spell out vision for coming year

All LJCC members are encouraged to attend the Annual Membership Meeting via Zoom on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Members who tune in will be able to vote for the 2022 board of directors. 

A photo of the white Levite Jewish Community Center with blue sky in the background
Sunday’s Annual Membership Meeting will take place via Zoom. Tune in to hear messages from the outgoing and incoming presidents as well as video snapshots of life at The J.

“Having reduced its net debt position by as much as 75 percent from 2019 levels, The J enters 2022 in its strongest financial position since I joined the board more than a decade ago,” writes outgoing president Jesse Unkenholz in the 2021 Annual Report. “The pandemic forced us to reexamine our mission, and while this report shows that serving the community has been a major focus over the past two years, I am most proud of how we’ve been able to refine and redefine our core services.”

Meeting agenda

  • Welcome: 2021 President Jesse Unkenholz
  • “2021 — A Year of Planning for the Unexpected”: Executive Director Aimee Johnson
  • Installation of new directors and officers: Isa Dorsky, Nominating Committee of the board
  • Introduction of the 2022 President: Robin Berger
  • “Looking Ahead”: 2022 President Hilton Berger

Online attendees will enjoy video interludes that will briefly interrupt the business proceedings to present various aspects of life at The J. 

2022 board members

… as put forward by the Nominating Committee:

  • Hilton Berger
  • Steven Corenblum
  • Terry Bernstein
  • Marissa Grayson
  • Isa Dorsky
  • Cathy Fingerman
  • Jesse Unkenholz
  • Jennifer Cordover
  • Hilton Diamond
  • Jon Kimerling
  • Katherine Kimerling
  • Arlene Goldstein
  • David Sher
  • Frank Siegal
  • Jeffrey Sokol
  • Martin Sher
  • Rebecca Rothman
  • Abe Kunin