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Camp J announces specialty camps

What’s the best thing about specialty camps? Is it that they’re designed to foster children’s artistic and scientific passions? Or that parents can get involved, too? Or is it that they give kids the chance to meet others with similiar interests?

We think it’s all of the above… and more, as specialty camps foster a sense of community and encourage growth and confidence in kids — outcomes that all lie at the heart of Camp J

Camp J 2023 will offer four specialty camps: Artscope, Showstoppers, Chess, and Weird Nature Science. Jill Marlar, who has taught music, drama, and art to all ages in B’ham for a quarter century, will teach Artscope and Showstoppers, while the chess and science camps will be taught by the experienced and engaging instructors at Vineyard App Camp. 

We’ve also added an afternoon half-day option for campers doing our morning half-day programs, allowing campers to swim and join in other activities after the specialty camps.


Taught by Jill Marlar
June 19-23, $165

Take a journey using a variety of media such as collage, drawing, painting, 3D design, and printmaking. This class is about exploration and artistic self-direction, with each student given the freedom to create from inspirational examples. 


Taught by Jill Marlar
June 12-16, $165

Does your child enjoy singing, dancing, and being on stage? This class — which accommodates any level of comfort — will give your child the opportunity to build a final-day performance using popular songs, simple choreography, and staging. 

Chess: The Road to Grandmaster

Taught by instructors from Vineyard App Camp
July 17-21, from $244

Your child will enjoy engaging experience-appropriate chess lessons. Learn the basics of chess plus openings, strategy, and fun variants like zombie chess and two-time chess. Beginning with free play to evaluate familiarity and comfort level, we will layer in skills and work with kids to learn to apply them to gameplay. 

We will work with your child to connect chess concepts so they internalize the game’s rules and overarching framework. Even total beginners will have a blast, while advanced chess wizards will develop a deeper understanding of the game. 

Weird Nature Science (and School Garden)

Taught by instructors from Vineyard App Camp
June 26-30, from $244

Have you ever wanted to be a scientist? Or to increase your understanding of the natural world? Weird Nature Science will teach physics and the natural world through fun science experiments that your child can take home. We’ll learn about states of matter through building volcanos and about sound through creating ‘naturally occurring’ speakers. Along the way we’ll head outside to plant gardens and make bird feeders. You might even get to blow things up…