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Youth Fitness

Youth Fitness is a critical element of your child’s life. The LJCC strives to offer fitness programming that your child will enjoy and that will provide a positive experience.

An important way to help your child with weight loss, maintaining a normal weight and develop healthy habits is to encourage him to participate in regular physical activity. This can include participating in a physical education class in school or extracurricular sports at school or in the community

If supervised by a well trained and certified instructor, strength training can be an important part of your child’s fitness routine. Strength training or weight training exercises can lead to an increase in muscle mass. Since muscle burns more calories than fat, by increasing your child’s muscle mass, it can make it easier for him to lose weight and/or maintain a healthy weight.

ask about our KidFitness program that is offered 3-4 times a year for 6 weeks each session.

Contact Kreston Collins at 879-0411 ext. 246 or kcollins@bhamjcc.org.


Featured Member

Julian Brook

Member since 1964

I learned to swim at a very early age at the old YMHA and spent much of my teens at the JCC – AZA, day camp counselor, Center Players, more. The Center has always been there and a part of my life.

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