‘Together Against Antisemitism’ program survey

Our thanks to everyone who participated in our August “Together Against Antisemitism” program that we hope helped to address the critical issue of antisemitism.

Your presence at and active engagement in this important dialogue have been instrumental in our ongoing effort to combat discrimination and hatred. As we evaluate the impact of the program you attended and begin planning for 2024, we kindly request your insight and feedback through the survey below.

Your anonymous responses will help us improve our programs while advancing our shared mission to eradicate discrimination.

‘Together Against Antisemitism’ program survey

A survey for attendees of “Together Agains Antisemitism” program hosted by The J on August 25, 2023.

Did the conference meet your expectations in addressing the issue of antisemitism?
How likely would you be to recommend a similar conference to others who are interested in combating antisemitism?
Did the conference provide practical tools or strategies for addressing antisemitism in your community or workplace?
Did you have opportunities to network and collaborate with other attendees who share your interest in combating antisemitism?
How would you rate the organization and logistics of the conference, including registration, communication, and facilities?
Would you like to see follow-up events or resources to continue the discussion, such as webinars, workshops, or online forums?
Name (optional)