Group Fitness

Our Group Fitness program is one of the most diverse in Birmingham. You can choose from virtual, outdoor, and indoor classes. Getting involved with group fitness builds relationships, community, and accountability.

We are proud to offer the Les Mills brand of group fitness classes, including BODYPUMP™, BODYSTEP™, BODYFLOW™, RPM™, GRIT™, CXWORX™, and SPRINT ™. Our monthly schedule of classes also includes yoga, zumba, and more! All classes are included in your J-Plus or Elite membership.

If you haven’t tried our group fitness classes and want to learn more, we’ll be happy to meet with you one-on-one. Our staff will discuss class types and assist you in designing a program to help you achieve your goals. Reach out to us today.

Indoor Group Fitness Is back!

We are excited to bring back indoor group fitness classes. As we continue to learn about our “new normal” we will alter the indoor schedule accordingly. Please see the FAQs linked below to answer some of your questions.

*Group Fitness Schedule includes virtual schedule, outdoor schedule, and indoor schedule.

Group Fitness Studio

BodyPump is a barbell workout for anyone looking to get lean, toned, and fit – fast. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, BodyPump gives you a total body workout. Instructors coach you through scientifically proven moves.

Blends yoga, tai chi and Pilates for a workout that builds flexibility and strength while leaving you centered and calm. Controlled breathing and concentration work together with a carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses set to inspiring music.

A 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that will improve cardiovascular fitness, increase speed and maximize calorie burn. This workout uses a variety of body weight exercises and provides the challenge and intensity you need to get results fast.

Cardio kickboxing is a 45-minute group fitness class that combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio along with weights and ab work. This high-energy workout challenges the beginner and elite athlete alike. Build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, and burn calories as you build lean muscle with this fun and challenging workout. All levels welcome!

BodyAttack is a high-energy fitness class with moves that cater for total beginners to total addicts. We combine athletic movements like running, lunging and jumping with strength exercises such as push-ups and squats. A LES MILLS instructor will pump out energizing tunes and lead you through the workout – challenging your limits in a good way, burning up to 555 calories** and leaving you with a sense of achievement.

Basic stepping, just like walking up and down stairs, is at the heart of BodyStep– a full-body cardio workout to really tone your butt and thighs. In a BodyStep workout you can expect a mixture of upbeat, rhythmic stepping, with squat and lunge patterns to work the legs

A revolutionary core training program that tightens and strengthens your entire core for improved functional strength, increased mobility and injury prevention. CXWORX will help you run faster, play harder and stand stronger. Set to music, this class is an intense 30 minutes.

A class that is scientifically proven to work with exercises that are simple to execute and easy to follow. It will push you to your limits, allow for optimal recovery and then push you even further. Les Mills GRIT takes HIIT and combines it with powerful music and inspirational coaches who will be down on the floor with you, motivating you to go harder to get fit fast.

MixxedFit is a people-inspired dance fitness program that combines explosive dancing with boot camp toning. Everything about MixxedFit is explosive — all the moves are big, exaggerated, full out, and fun to get into. Expect to hear your favorite radio and club hits, and be ready to get lost in the music.

A mix of low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Zumba is a total workout combining all elements of fitness: cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome.

Cycling Studio

A group cycling class on stationary bikes led by an inspiring coach and set to exciting music. Challenging for both beginners to experienced exercisers.

A quick 30-minute hard style of training that returns rapid results with minimal joint impact. The short duration of a SPRINT workout will motivate you to push your physical and mental limits. It features bursts of intensity where you work as hard as possible followed by periods of rest that prepare you for the next effort. The payoff is you burn calories for hours after a good SPRINT workout.

An indoor cycling workout set to powerful music led by a high-energy, inspiring coach. Discover your inner athlete as you tackle hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials and interval training.

Mind Body Studio

Combines mind, body, spirit and breath to develop strength, balance and flexibility. Deep relaxation at the conclusion of each class. Open to all levels.

Includes pranayama (yoga breathing), meditation and restorative poses in a beginner-friendly atmosphere. A deeply healing and peaceful relaxation practice concludes every class so you’ll leave with a sense of wellbeing and innate harmony.

A moderately paced vinyasa yoga class to get your heart rate up and your limbs moving. This class should leave you glistening while at the same time feeling stretched out from head to toe, centered and balanced.

Pilates exercises, train several muscle groups at once in smooth, continuous movements. By developing proper technique, you can actually re-train your body to move safer, and in more efficient patterns of motion. Pilates is invaluable for injury recovery, sports performance, good posture, and optimal health.

Low Intensity

Aqua Zumba gives new meaning to the idea of an invigorating workout. Splashing, stretching, twisting, even shouting, laughing, hooting and hollering are often heard during an Aqua Zumba workout. Integrating the Zumba formula and philosophy with traditional aqua fitness disciplines, Aqua Zumba blends it all together into a safe, challenging, water-based workout that’s cardio conditioning, body toning, and most of all, exhilarating beyond belief!

Emphasizes low-impact aerobics and step exercises to increase endurance, strength and flexibility set to enjoyable easy listening music.

A senior adult movement class using full range of motion while standing and/or seated in chairs.

A lower intensity version of your favorite dance class perfect for active older participants and those just starting their fitness journey. Zesty Latin music and easy-to-follow moves create an invigorating, party-like atmosphere.