We are proud to offer massage therapy sessions at the J. Massage therapy is a great way to supplement your wellness routine by improving flexibility and circulation, reduce muscle tightness and pain, and reduce fatigue.

Nanette Hart is a professional Licensed Massage Therapist with two decades of experience helping people achieve greater mobility and rewire patterns of tension and neuromuscular pain. Her specialty is therapeutic massage focusing on acute injury, chronic pain, neck and back pain, repetitive stress, and general tension resulting from the stress of daily life. Nanette is ready to welcome you as a client and work with you to address your specific needs.

COVID-19 Update

Our Massage Therapist is open and accepting appointments. She will be adhering to strict guidelines set forth by the CDC and the Jefferson County Department of Health to help keep clients safe.

These times have caused stress for everyone. Take some time to relax.

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30 Minute Session$45 member value price$55 non-member
45 Minute Session$55 member value price$66 non-member
60 Minute Session$70 member value price$88 non-member
75 Minute Session$80 member value price$99 non-member
90 Minute Session$95 member value price$121 non-member

For more information, or to book a massage, contact Nanette Hart, LMT at nanette.m.hart@gmail.com or call or text at 415-816-6214.