Personal Training

If you are uncertain about where to start your fitness journey or are ready to set new goals, personal training could be right for you.

Our personal trainers will evaluate your current status, teach you the fundamentals of exercise technique, and recommend particular exercises specific to your needs. They will teach you how to exercise properly in order to achieve weight goals, increase strength, and perform everyday functional movements to decrease the risk of injury.

We offer specialized training packages to assist members ranging from school-age children to seniors, educating them on our fitness floor and equipment for everyday workouts. Our personal trainers are credentialed by organizations recognized by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies.

Contact the Welcome Desk (205.879.0411) if you are interested in being matched with a personal trainer. You must be a member of the LJCC to participate in personal training.


Personal training sessions take place on the main Fitness Floor, and trainers will adhere to all staff safety protocols. If you have an established relationship with a trainer, contact him or her directly to set up times.

Pricing for single sessions

  • 30-minute sessions: $35
  • 45-minute sessions: $52.50
  • 60-minute sessions: $70

Pricing for buddy sessions

  • 30-minute sessions: $23.33/person
  • 45-minute sessions: $35/person
  • 60-minute sessions: $46.67/person