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2022 Camp Brochure/Parent Handbook

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Camp Forms are now filled out through CampDocs. After registering your camper in Daxko, you will have received an email to your primary email address from CampDocs. Please make sure to check spam folders. These forms are required in order to attend Camp LJCC.

*Rising Kindergarten does NOT fill out this medical form. Cohn ECLC will provide medical and emergency forms for rising Kindergarten Camp.

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Sun Protection Policy

COVID-19 Policy

*Due to the ever-changing status of the COVID-19 pandemic, all guidelines are subject to change in adherence to any and all local, state, and federal guidelines.

Frquently Asked Questions

Camp LJCC camper groups follow a standard schedule so that our campers and staff know what to expect and how to move about their day. However, because our counselors continue to create new activities, no two days at Camp LJCC look exactly the same.

Click below to see a typical daily schedule.

A Day at Camp LJCC

No! In fact, the majority of Camp LJCC campers are not Jewish. The same goes for our staff.

Camp LJCC runs on Jewish values, which are simply common values with Hebrew words attached to them. We focus more on the meaning of the English word, and not the Hebrew word itself.

Kavod – Respect

Tikun Olam – Repairing the world

Gemilut Hasadim – Act of kindness

Tzedakah – Justice and charity

Shalom Bayit – Peace in our community

Rachmanus – Mercy and Compassion

While at Camp LJCC, your camper will experience a few “Jewish” opportunities.

  • Shabbat is the Jewish sabbath. At camp we end our week with a short Shabbat celebration as a way to reflect on the week and be together. During this time we bless the challah (Bread), wine (grape juice), and the light (candles).
  • Hamotzi, or blessing over our food, will be lead by our counselors prior to eating lunch each day.

Camp LJCC focuses on inclusion of all religions, races, and backgrounds.

Yes! Each group will rotate to free swim each day, typically in the afternoon. If your child is not a strong swimmer we ask that you notify the Camp Director so the counselors will know to keep an eye on them. Additionally, we suggest swim lessons prior to the start of camp.

Due to the ever-changing status of the COVID-19 pandemic, Camp LJCC will not provide COIVD-19 policies until closer to the start of the camp season. All guidelines will be subject to change in adherence with any and all local, state, and federal guidelines.