Annual gathering will honor members and Cohn ECLC director Sunday

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Two men on the left and a woman on the right walk together around the outdoor track at The J
“I love being able to connect with so many people here,” says Interim Executive Director Brooke Bowles, seen here joining some J members from Glenwood, a residential and community service provider of autism and behavioral health services. Read more from Brooke in the 2022 Annual Report that will be available at the January 29 gathering.

We invite all J members to come and enjoy refreshments — including mimosas! — at the LJCC Annual Meeting at The J on Sunday, January 29, at 10 a.m. Once gathered, we will discuss the accomplishments of 2022 [read our 2022 annual report], look ahead to the coming year, and honor a few members plus a longtime employee. Members will also vote on incoming seats for the board of directors.

“Last year’s 30 percent increase in revenue over 2021 was huge for us,” says Interim Executive Director Brooke Bowles. “That along with a very successful Jewish Food and Culture Fest and inaugural J’la Gala all combined to make last year an incredible time to be part of The J. We want members to know that their crucial assistance in our recovery efforts is appreciated.” In addition to the release of the 2022 Annual Report, the meeting will include presentations by Brooke and Board President Hilton Berger.

Board member Rebecca Rothman will also share what makes The J so important to her and her Jewish identity.

Recognizing a few longtimers

Of special interest will be a chance to honor The J’s longest-serving members — Richard Pizitz Sr., a member since 1950, and Ann Cohen, who joined in 1957 — and the member who clocked the most visits in 2022: Lydie Emrich. We will also pay tribute to Barbara Traweek, director of the Cohn Early Childhood Learning Center, who recently reached her 30-year work anniversary at The J.

Connect to the meeting via Zoom

Starting Sunday, January 29, at 10:30 a.m.

View and download the LJCC Annual Report for 2022

Click the image to view full report

Annual meeting agenda

We’ll begin with a reception (including smoked salmon, bagels, mimosas, and more) at 10 a.m., followed by the business portion of the meeting at 10:30.

Call to order and welcome

LJCC Board President Hilton Berger

Recognition of Cohn ECLC Director Barbara Traweek’s 30 years of service

Board member Marissa Grayson

“I am The J“

Board member Rebecca Rothman

Membership awards

Membership Director Cody Bass

Longest-serving member Richard Pizitz Sr.

“Lifetime Lifter” Ann Cohen

“Most Active” Lydie Emrich

Executive director’s report

Interim Executive Director Brooke Bowles

Installation of new board

Hilton Berger


Hilton Berger