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Knitters gather weekly for fellowship, fun, and a mission

By Gracie Fridy

A woman holds a knit scarf she just finished as part of the knitting circle that meets weekly at The J
Susan Goldstein displays her most recent creation as part of the Roz Feigelson Circle of Life Knitting Group that has met at The J weekly for decades.

The Roz Feigelson Knitting Circle of Life Knitting Group has had a presence at the LJCC for a decade and a half. What started as a six-week class to teach fellow members and nonmembers to knit quickly became much more. While their gatherings spark friendly discussions ranging from the best knitting patterns to the ups and downs of family life, the real goal of the circle is to reach far beyond The J.

The group has spent countless hours turning countless balls of yarn into thousands of cozy colorful scarves for those patients receiving life-changing treatment at institutions like St. Vincent’s, the Kirkland Clinic, the UAB Infusion Clinic, and more. Members recount the joy of visiting patients and getting to see their faces when receiving their handmade gifts. For the Circle it’s always been about giving back.

A need to knit

Two women knit during a weekly meeting of the Roz Feigelson Circle of Life Knitting Group gathering

Knitters come from across the metro area and join for various reasons. Some joined because friends encouraged them. Some joined to find something fulfilling after retirement. Some joined simply because they wanted to learn how to knit. 

LJCC Director of Fitness Camari Princewell knits with the group from time to time. “I’d heard that knitting is challenging and relaxing at the same time,” he says. “I’d met a few members and they were so welcoming and really made me want to try.” He’s already completed a few knitting projects.

The Circle takes monetary donations and yarn donations. They even have their own storage space at The J that’s named after a late founding member of the group. Carol’s Closet holds a bright, colorful array of yarn. 

When asked what’s kept the group going for so long, a resounding “fellowship, fun, and the mission” is heard from all. 

If you have a need to knit, simply show up when the group meets at The J on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. or reach out to Lori Allen.

Gracie Fridy is the membership assistant at The J. She had the privilege of knitting with the Roz Feigelson Circle of Life Knitting Group from time to time when she was a Girl Scout. “I realized even then how special these women are,” she says.

Woman chat while knitting together at The J
Discussion topics during the Circle’s gatherings range from knitting patterns to the ups and downs of family life.