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Play at The J: ‘Awesome’ tennis tourney recap

A tennis player in the foreground hangs in the air after returning the ball during a nighttime tournament.
The two-day tournament attracted 81 individuals who played in 67 matches, with Saturday’s action spilling into the evening.

How does Joey Unkenholz, tennis program director here at The J, sum up our first-ever Universal Tennis event? “It was awesome! Everyone had a blast.”

The final numbers showed 81 individuals playing 67 total matches for the weekend event. “It was great that whole families could participate,” says Joey, who is already planning the next tournament for May.

The “families” noted by Joey included one father-son doubles team that inspired a number of participants to say they would do the same for the next tournament. Also noteworthy was an experienced adult duo who lost to a pair of Helena high-schoolers after a grueling match. 

“This tournament was such a success because opponents were matched according to skill levels,” Joey explains. “It made all the difference.”

May’s tournament will include prize money for every division.