Bowles featured in JCC Association blog

A smiling woman wearing a white shirt and black sportcoat leans against a pillar while two women in the background lift weights
Brooke Bowles was named permanent director of The J in February.

“So far, the biggest change to my nonprofit psyche has been realizing that from fundraising challenges to membership issues to board relations, the Levite JCC is not unique—and we’re not alone,” writes LJCC Executive Director Brooke Bowles in a recent blog post for JCC Association of North America.

“We’re supported not only by JCC Association, but by 170 sister JCCs (Jewish Community Centers and Jewish Community Camps) around this country and in Canada. I was eager to lean into these layers of resources, including our JCC Association liaison, the JCC Resource Center, and connections with other JCC leaders.”

JCC Association of North America asked Brooke to write the piece, titled “Leaning In, Leaning On: Lessons from the Heart of the South Regional Conference,” in light of a number of recent networking opportunities she and her staff have had across the Southeast.

“So far, leaning in on our challenges while also leaning on continental and regional resources for support,” Brooke concludes, “has reassured me not only that my goals as an executive director are viable, but also that they’ll help continue our forward momentum here in Birmingham.”