Facilities update

Our facility is storied, dynamic, retro, and beloved. It’s also heavily used, old (that’s the “retro”), and a bit tired in places. Keeping it all working properly takes attention, expertise, money… and even a little TLC.

“This is a big facility with lots of moving parts,” says Brooke Bowles, executive director at The J. 

“In addition to our own crew keeping an eye on things, we appreciate helpful members bringing various issues to our attention.” 

A white building that says "Levite Jewish Community Center," with brown and green vegetation in the foreground and blue sky with scattered clouds in the background
The venerable LJCC building was completed in 1957.

Brooke heard enough various pieces of facility news recently that she decided now would be a good time for a member update. “We’ve got a lot of short- and long-term projects in the works,” she explains. 

“On some days the Jewish value of tikkun olam, or repairing the world, takes on a special meaning around here,” she quips.

Currently in the works

Cohn ECLC floors

The preschool is closed annually for only two weeks: one week in early August and one week in December. We were thrilled to repaint in August, and we’ll get even more ambitious and replace the floor in December. 


You’ve probably noticed an ALSCAN truck parked in front for the past few weeks. They’ve been working on what will be our remodeled safe and secure entrance that will streamline member access while better accommodating our many visitors. It’s all being funded by our most recent grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and we’ll finish up this fall. 

Stay tuned for more information as the project nears completion…

Wood Gym

Vehicles are not welcome in the Wood Gym, and we’re now getting quotes for repairing the gym’s wall where a car tried to enter. We’ll reopen the adjacent coned-off parking spaces when that’s all fixed.

Air conditioning

Yes — it’s been a warm summer. And now, thanks to help from Southface Institute and our generous GoodUse grant, in mid-September we’ll see the delivery of our fourth of four new high-efficiency rooftop AC units. We will install them this fall. 

But our largest rooftop AC unit, which serves the fitness floor (and was recently repaired), will continue to limp along until its replacement arrives in March. Why the wait? GoodUse requires us to replace current machinery with more exclusive and harder-to-acquire high-efficiency units. 

This all means savings for The J and the environment. Tikkun olam! 

Main hallway and fitness floor bathrooms

We will soon begin reviewing some remodeling options that will offer a more aesthetically pleasing restroom experience.


Initial plans for our rehabilitated courtyard behind the library are just about ready for review. We’re excited about how popular this beautiful location will become.

Fitness floor

A number of treadmills treaded their last not long after their warranties expired (of course!). So now we’re finalizing purchase agreements on 10 shiny new treadmills! Our goal is to stagger cardio equipment replacement for every three years, with regular quarterly maintenance. 

We’ve also purchased a new custom-fabricated stretch mat that will show up in the spring.

Outdoor pool

Do you remember how we had to delay the opening of the outdoor pool back in the spring? The extra time we took to fix some major leaks resulted in huge savings this summer on our water bills.

Long-term projects

Over the next 3-5 years we’re planning for a complete HVAC overhaul, new roofing across most of the building, and locker room renovations. Each of these will require careful planning.

So please pardon our progress as these projects pan out. In the meantime, we’ll do our best to keep you apprised while we minimize disruptions.