We are The J: Helping Nancy get back on her feet

A man (at left) and two women pose together on a balcony above a gym
Jubal and Nancy Watts pause for a photo with their favorite personal trainer, Dottie Fonte (at right).

A few months ago Nancy Watts and her husband Jubal came to the LJCC for personal training. They had recently moved from Georgia and knew about The J from their children, who live nearby and are members. They met with Dottie Fonte, who set up a personal training evaluation session.

Dottie remembers watching the couple slowly climb the gym stairs “arm-in-arm” and seeing how two years of pandemic-related inactivity had taken its toll — especially on Nancy. Dottie knew right away that connecting with a personal trainer was the best step for the Watts. Working closely with them, she would be able to help them get back their mobility and move into a much improved physical and mental situation. 

While both Nancy and Jubal needed overall conditioning, Nancy required specialized training for her balance and corrective movements, plus overall strengthening. 

Back on her feet

“I was glad to get some guidance,” says Nancy, who appreciates how Dottie is able to tailor Nancy’s exercises to her personal needs.” Jubal points out that otherwise they might have simply started on the machines and gotten injured. 

The effort has paid off.

“This morning they got up off the floor without even thinking about it!” exclaimed Dottie recently. “And Nancy’s balance has improved to the point where she is able to walk alone on the track with confidence.” She has also gained strength and stamina. In addition, Dottie’s guidance on nutrition and hydration management has helped with overall well-being. 

“I can play with the grandkids again,” says Nancy.

Personal benefits

Personal training at The J is about restoring the ability to do the functional things we must do, and improving the ability to do the things we love to do. Clients range from members like the Watts to individuals who simply want some guidance on their fitness journey. 

“I’m so proud of Nancy’s and Jubal’s continued efforts to improve,” says Dottie. “It’s a privilege and joy to celebrate Nancy’s success, and I look forward to continuing my work with her and Jubal.”