Trainer Yakov Lyublinskiy featured in Village Living

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“’The thing that’s bothering me about this situation is uncertainty,’ Yakov said. ‘We don’t know what the fate of Ukraine is going to be, what the fate of millions of people will be or the fate of refugees. Are they going to live indefinitely in refugee camps, are they going to be able to come back? When will the conflict be over?’”

“Yakov Lyublinskiy, and his daughter, Angelica Lyublinskiy, are having trouble sleeping at night,” writes Eric Taunton in his story, “Nobody wins but everybody can lose: Ukrainian-Americans locally worry about loved ones in war-torn Ukraine,” published recently in Mountain Brook’s Village Living newspaper.

“The Ukrainian-Americans are worried about their friends and family as they seek refuge, some hiding in basements, in their home country in the midst of an ongoing Russian invasion.

“Some of their friends and family have been able to flee to Poland and Germany, Yakov said, but others, like his wife’s father, grandmother and cousins, are forced to stay in Ukraine.”

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