Climb aboard our sweet new cardio equipment

A fit bald man poses next to the display screen of a treadmill in front of a large window
Fitness Director Camari Princewill is excited to show the latest additions to the fitness floor to members.

Our wonderful Fitness Floor just got even better with the delivery of eight brand-new treadmills and two ellipticals — all made by Precor.

“These machines have a lot of features. For example, the pre-designed workouts will take you to picturesque locations around the world,” explains Fitness Director Camari Princewill. “So you might choose to hike the hills of Italy or run a trail along the Gulf, and all the while the machine is rising and lowering or increasing resistance as the video shows the terrain changing in front of you.” 

With full internet access, users can watch YouTube and Netflix* videos, listen to music, and even browse the news.

But since full-sized state-of-the-art visual screens might not appeal to everyone, some of the machines have smaller screens, and some have more simple digital readouts.

As for the hardware, the treadmill belts feature better shock-absorption and can pick up your pattern and adjust to your cadence. The ellipticals offer smoother operation, which can save pressure on knees and hips.

Just try it!

“Few things are more intimidating than new fitness equipment,” Camari says. “So just find me or another fitness staffer and we’ll happily walk you through features and get you set up.” 

*Netflix and other subscription-based features require users to sign in to an existing account.