Shalom Squad at your service

A familiar sight to most members includes (l-r) Destiny, Stephanie, and Trisha working hard to make the Welcome Desk welcoming.

Cody Bass was frustrated. The recently hired manager of The J’s Fitness Floor felt that customer service was lacking. Even though The J was in the process of emerging from the pandemic, he wasn’t satisfied with the ability of staff members to address customer concerns and answer questions. He started thinking about ways to improve customer service.

“I just wanted to be sure that our members and guests feel welcome and well taken care of,” Cody says.

Destiny (left) and Julia

Fast-forward a few months and Cody, now membership director, had a plan. It all started with assembling the right team. “If we could just assemble a capable group of individuals and cross-train them in handling the Welcome Desk, the Fitness Floor, and other important spaces at The J,” he recalls, “I was pretty sure we’d be able to deal much more effectively with members’ questions along with the various issues that arise on a daily basis.” And what better name for a Jewish Community Center customer service team than “Shalom Squad”?

The Shalom Squad has grown to 10 individuals, many of whom you’ll see working around the building. They range from the very public faces you see at the Welcome Desk to the team members who work to keep the Fitness Floor in good order.

Cody admits that while there’s still room to improve customer service (“We can always do better!”), he can’t think of a better crew to tackle the issue than the Shalom Squad.

Have a question or see an issue that needs to be addressed? Just approach one of our friendly Shalom Squad members – including “Little” Cody, Destiny, Emmy, John, Julia, Katelyn, Ross, Stephanie, Tamera, and Trisha – and we’ll do our best to assist.

Ross attends to the Fitness Floor.
A highlight at weekly staff meetings is when a member of the Shalom Squad reads the current batch of comment cards, which then get distributed to the staff members who are able to address each issue.