Thursday Night Fever

J’la to include silent disco

You can’t hear what she’s listening to… but she seems to be having a good time.

The drinks will have been refreshing. The silent auction will have been intriguing. The four-course plated kosher meal will have been delicious (Could you believe that dessert?!). The live auction will have been thrilling (Did you hear what they paid for that trip??). What could possibly top all of that at our August 18 extravaganza? 

Sounds like a good time for a dance. Like how about a silent disco?

“We’re certainly packing a lot of energy into the evening,” says Brooke Bowles, associate executive director at The J. “So we thought a dance — specifically a silent disco — would be a great way for everyone to hang out together and wind down before heading home.” 

Just like Bonnaroo
A silent disco is simply a dance where everyone is listening to music through headphones, making the event nearly silent for any observers. According to Wikipedia, the concept was first referenced in a 1967 Japanese science fiction story, and the term “silent disco” was apparently first used at the 2005 Bonnaroo Music Festival that takes place annually in Tennessee (although generally that particular event is far from silent).

Proper lighting is also important. “A silent disco in a darkened room is the only time my husband will hit the dance floor,” Brooke says. “So I’m looking forward to it.”

We still have a limited number of tickets. Learn more and buy tickets here.