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What’s the big deal about ‘color wars’ at Camp J?

“‘Color wars’ is the biggest and most important week of Camp J,” says Camp Director Gillian May. “After being assigned a color, you all of a sudden become consumed by a sense of tradition, camaraderie, and competition, and you put all of your energy into the competition.” 

The popular event, a long-standing tradition at Camp J, involves teams competing in a number of games and challenges — some of which might leave participants in a variety of hues (but don’t worry — it all comes out in the wash). And then whichever team has accumulated the most points by the end of the week wins.

Color wars and our other planned programs take all the values and ideals of Camp J — leadership, hachnasat orchim or radically welcoming, and pursuing your passion — and demonstrate them through play, creative expression, and healthy competition. Whether our camp kids are into sports, baking, making music videos, painting, dancing, or all of the above, color wars brings out the best in everyone.

“This year’s theme of ‘you have a friend at camp’ is important to our long-term goal for Camp J, which is to build a community,” says Gillian.  “Long-term friendships are made at camps, and we’re looking for opportunities to create spaces for these friendships to develop — like during bus rides for our field trips, for example.”

Counselors — apply now!

Camp J has long been known for its top-notch counseling staff. Rising 9th- and 10th-graders can apply for our counselor-in-training program, while older students should check out the camp staff application.