Members sound off on Group Fitness

We kicked off the week by hosting a volunteer focus group that provided valuable feedback regarding how The J might enhance its extensive Group Fitness program. Staff members present included Executive Director Aimee Johnson, Associate Executive Director Brooke Bowles, Membership Director Cody Bass, Group Exercise Coordinator Allison Crawford, and a handful of instructors.

“Being a community center, The J is a bit different from other fitness facilities in that it’s important for us to hear and discuss members’ ideas,” Aimee says. “Even with the free lunch we were hoping to see at most maybe 10 people show up. So we were floored to welcome some two-dozen passionate members.”

The ensuing discussion generated lots of suggestions. “We were really excited to hear all the ideas and consider our options for improving programs,” says Brooke, who adds that it shouldn’t take long for members to see many of their suggestions acted upon. Ideas discussed by the group included improving communications around scheduling, doing more to spread the word about Group Fitness, and making it easier to deal with facilities-related issues.